Quarry Lane Dungannon ‘an absolute nightmare’ for road users

Cllr Barry Monteith at the junction of the Quarry Lane, Donaghmore Road and Newell Road in Dungannon
Cllr Barry Monteith at the junction of the Quarry Lane, Donaghmore Road and Newell Road in Dungannon

A combination of problems - including issues with the Public Realm Scheme in Dungannon town - have created an “absolute nightmare” for motorists in the Quarry Lane, Newell Road and Ballygawley Road areas.

That’s the view of one local councillor who has warned there are few, if any, safe places for pedestrians to cross close to the town’s Irish primary and nursery schools, while motorists leaving the Lisnahull and Springdale housing estates face “ridiculous” waiting times because of ever increasing traffic levels.

Independent Councillor, Barry Monteith, said: “Over the last few weeks I have met with a number of Dungannon people who have raised road safety concerns with me. Of particular concern to local people is the Quarry Lane, the mini-roundabout system at the Donaghmore Road/Quarry Lane junction and the New Well Road. I share the concerns and the Department of Regional Development need to deal with problems instead of just talking about them.”

Cllr Monteith continued: “Since the Public Realm Scheme destroyed the town centre, more and more traffic avoids this area by using the Quarry Lane, New Well Road, and Ballygawley Road. This has further increased road safety issues in these areas.

“Following roadworks on the Quarry Lane around 18 months ago much of the lower half is now virtually a three lane highway. This has made it an even more dangerous road to cross. The mini-roundabout system at the bottom of the Quarry Lane is an absolute nightmare for pedestrians. There are few if any safe places for pedestrians to cross the junction.

“The nearby Irish Medium School and GAA grounds mean there are increased numbers of young pedestrians in the area. This junction needs made safer immediately. A junction this close to any other school would not be allowed to be so dangerous.”

The councillor said the New Well and Ballygawley Roads “simply cannot cope” with current levels of traffic, adding: “The long promised second footpath on the bridge on the Ballygawley Road is still not provided despite being publicly announced by DRD in December 2013.”