Revealed: List of traders confirmed for Cookstown’s Continental Market

Cookstown Continental Market
Cookstown Continental Market
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The count down is on to the 2015 continental market which will bring mouth-watering flavours to Cookstown town centre.

We can now reveal a list of over 40 confirmed traders who will be in Cookstown on Friday.

Cookstown Continental Market

Cookstown Continental Market

Almengo Martinez - Pick and Mix Sweets, Fresh Fruit and Marshmallow sticks with dipping chocolate

Bach & Vidal- Italian Catalan and Spanish tapas,

Case - Carl - Jerk chicken, quorn, Veggie wraps, pots, mutton, lamb dishes

Chercole/Lopez -Paella, tapas; Bocadilos (Spanish sandwiches on bagette; Spanish delicatessen and other products

Exotic Meats from around the world including Ostrich, Impala, Crocodile, Wild Boar

Cordova Castenda- South American Jewellery and Knitwear

Davey J&G - Fair Trade Coffee Beans and Teas

Dec - German Haribo sweets, fudge, soft nougat and toffees

Deeks - Coffee Express, coffess from freshly ground coffee beans with choice of syrups; Gelatto sorbets fruit smoothies and shakes.

Cookstown Continental Market

Cookstown Continental Market

De Luca- Italian biscoti nugartt, chocolate

De Luca - Italian Cheeses and Hams

Gyles - Wooden furniture, carvings, figurines Fair Trade and ecoloically sourced (FSC) product;s Metal animal watering cans

Hackett - Chicken and Potato Provencale, Garlic Mushrooms

Irvin - Traditional Sweets; fudge, liquorice etc

Jimenez - Paella cooked to his family recipe from Cordoba

Kennedy - Lillian - Curry Sauces

Kiec - Hand crafted Flower pot people

King V Madzima - Unique range of Jewellery made from recycled Cutlery and sculptures

Langfeldt - Traditional German Schwenkegrille selling Bratwurst Sausage

Leigh - Cheeses, crackers, chutneys

Lemarchand - French take away, tartiflette, poulet a la crème, moules au roquefort

Liu (Ali takeover) - Moroccan Street Food

Lock John - Rare Breed Hog Roast

Maigrat - French Crepes and Galettes, fresh Brussels Waffles

Malpass A - Belgian Chocolates, Designer Cakes and Fudge

McGinty (Jim) - Magnetic health bracelets and bangles made from copper, pewter and steel for both men and women

(Massoum) - Olives and Breads

Napora-Kos - Handmade crafts / Amber, crystal and gemstone jewellery

Nijboer H - Dutch Cheeses, Cakes, Biscuits, Waffles and Liquorice

Nijboer R - Dutch flower market

Olarte -Indian Crafts and Music

Powell - Cupcakes

Quignon - Breads, viennoiserie and tart

Rodrigues -Noodle Bar

Rogowski - Metal sculpture, wine holders & leather diaries

Samson - Normandy Crepes, Spanish Chi Chi, Churos and Waffles

Siehl - Traditional German Salami House - large range of different salamis and sausage

Taggart - Fossils, Crystals and Rocks

Turlo - Mid Eastern Sweet cakes and Baklavas, Dried Fruits and Nuts

Vanmassenhove - Fresh Baked Macaroons

Visser - Pofitjes

Aaron Watson - Exotic Meats from around the world Ostrich, Impala, Crocodile, Wild Boar.