Royal School Dungannon student stars in new boarding school film

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Justin Lam, a Year 12 student from the Royal School Dungannon, starred in a new film aimed at promoting boarding schools.

He joined over 380 boarding school pupils, hailing from all corners of the globe to launch their new film ‘Our Brilliant Journey’ which will promote Northern Ireland Boarding Schools all over the world.

Starring five pupils from five different schools, and supported by Invest Northern Ireland, this short film is one part of a collaborative campaign that aims to put Northern Ireland on the map as a leading destination for parents considering UK or Irish Boarding Schools for their children.

Headmaster, Dr David Burnett, said: “The BoardingNI initiative promotes Northern Ireland as a great destination for families looking for a boarding option.

“People from all over the world as well as closer to home are discovering that the five boarding schools, including RSD, offer a brilliant educational environment. They are a bit of a hidden gem.

“BoardingNI is showcasing the individual journeys of some of the pupils in the five schools and you can see there is a lot of fun and friendship to be had as well as a great education.”

As well as Royal School Dunagnnon, students from Campbell College Belfast (156 boarders), Rockport School (40 boarders), Royal School Armagh (88 boarders), and Victoria College Belfast (45) boarders also took part in the film.