Sat down on the bonnet of police car

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A Clonoe man who was drunk in the middle of a road caused a car to swerve to avoid hitting him, a court has heard.

Colm Joseph Connolly, 24, from Claremount Drive, was appearing before East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court in Dungannon for the first time on Friday.

He pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest at Loy Street in Cookstown on December 4.

The court heard how police spotted the defendant, who was heavily under the influence, in the middle of the road. As they watched a car had to swerve to avoid knocking him down.

They stopped to try and assist the defendant who sat down on the bonnet of the police car.

He was escorted to the footpath but, as the police went to drive away, he was spotted back on the roadway again. This time when they approached to assist him, his manner was disorderly and he began shouting and swearing. When they tried to place him in the rear of the police car he refused to walk or climb into the back.

“He wanted to enter a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity,” Connolly’s solicitor told the court. “This was unacceptable drunken behaviour. He has very poor recollection of the events.

“He works full time as a fitter servicing engineer who spends a large part of his working life in Scotland.”

District Judge John Meehan handed down fines totalling £300.