Share memories of days gone by

Dungannon train station
Dungannon train station

Ann Donaghy from Ann Street Memories is urging Dungannon folks to take a little time out of their day to retell a story they heard, remember a character from the past or simply reminisce about days gone by.

And her new six-week course at Willowbank, run in conjunction with Ian Coulter, will provide the opportunity to do just that.

Share memories of days gone by at Dungannon workshop

Kicking off on Monday, March 23 from 10.45am-12.15pm, they would like you to come and share memories.Ann said: “Taking the time to talk to someone, recall a story or character from our past, is not something we often make time for. “Remembering what we did yesterday can be a problem, but ask me about the antics we got up to as children and we could be talking ‘til the wee hours.”