Share your memories of local flax scutching mills

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Researcher Sebastian Graham, who has compiled a map of the locations of 3200 flax mills in Northern Ireland, is hoping that local people will share their memories of the mills, including Bennet’s Mill of Ennish, which is one of just two remaining mills.

“I am carrying out research into flax mill workers or scutchers for a research proposal,” Sebastian explained. ”My intention is to preserve the memories of those involved in the scutching process or remember the people who worked there.

“Very little exists regarding the activities and lives of scutchers. However, work was carried out regarding the memories of scutchers during the Living Linen project in the early 2000’s. For such an important process and industry it is slowly disappearing and memories and cultural heritage have been lost. Capturing these memories will help preserve their legacy for future generations. The men, women and children who worked in the scutch mills deserve recognition for their efforts.”

Anyone with information can contact Sebastian via his website, by or phoning 07926936731.