Shared education cash boosts Dungannon schools by £195k

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Schools in the Dungannon area spearheading a new shared education push are celebrating after receiving a £195,000 windfall.

A total of 20 primary and secondary schools in the former Dungannon District have been targeted with the extra funding, half of which was donated by philanthropic societies.

The biggest winners are St Patrick’s Academy and the Royal School Dungannon, which share a £45,000 cash injection.

Dungannon Primary School and St Patrick’s Primary School were the next biggest winners, sharing a pot of £32,000.

The £25m ‘Delivering Social Change Shared Education Signature Project’ aims to provide programmes in schools across the north over the next four years.

The idea is to create “a more cohesive education system” in which children from different community backgrounds can be educated together.

Schools whose applications for the funding have been approved have received letters from the local Education Authority (EA) telling them how much money they will receive, subject to terms and conditions.