Signs go up in Ardboe as dumping continues

Front page of Mid Ulster Mail reporting on dumping in Ardboe
Front page of Mid Ulster Mail reporting on dumping in Ardboe

Signs are to be put up around Ardboe to help stop dumping which is hindering efforts to realise the tourism potential of the historic area.

Last year, the dumping along the lough shore hit the headlines with the discovery of the rotting remains of a dead horse.

Almost 12 months on, and the blight of fly-tipping is continuing according to councillor Ronan McGinley.

“Local residents have expressed anger at illegal dumping and fly-tipping around the shores of lough Neagh, a hot spot which has been plagued by this unwanted activity, is the aerodrome situated in Ardboe and Moortown,” said the councillor.

“The aerodrome is a unique site with a lot of history.

“Unfortunately, parts of it have gone into disrepair over recent years, and it has been a site for unwanted dumping and fly-tipping.

“Local people obviously do not want this behaviour on their doorstep, therefore I have been working with staff from the council to put measures in place to raise people’s awareness that this activity has to stop.

“As a quick first step, the next few weeks will see the council erecting signage around the area to remind people this behaviour is not allowed.”

Councillor McGinley who highlighted the problem last year, added: “Although this is not a full solution I think it’s a good first step, and I will continue to work with council officials to develop the potential of this historic site.”

Such was the level of anger among local people - a Facebook page - Fly Tippers Loughshore - was set up last year to name and shame those dumping their waste in the area.