Sinn Fein call for special meeting of Mid Ulster Council amid concern over Brexit vote

Sinn Fein say there is a democratic imperative for border poll at Stormont Castle. Pacemaker
Sinn Fein say there is a democratic imperative for border poll at Stormont Castle. Pacemaker

The leader of the Sinn Fein delegation at Mid Ulster Council has contacted the Chair of the Mid Ulster District Council to request a special meeting of council to discuss the impact of Brexit for local people and business.

The majority of voters in Mid Ulster voted to remain in the recent referendum, and Ronan McGinley said the Sinn Féin council team believe there is concern among residents, and a stronger case for a border poll.

“Support for remaining in Europe was shown, not only in Mid Ulster, but across the North,” he said.

“There is a blatant democratic deficit highlighted in this referendum, this part of the island is to be dragged out of Europe against the people’s wishes.

“The decision will have impact on the daily lives of our citizens, and the operation of our local business and farming industry. It is imperative that this deficit is challenged.

“The outcome of the vote strengthens the case for a border poll, it’s time people have the opportunity to have their voice heard through a referendum on this issue.”

Cllr McGinley added: “I fear the agriculture industry, one of the most important industries on this island, one which holds serious importance in Mid Ulster, now faces serious problems.

“I haven’t much confidence in the British government replacing the funding and subsidies received by Europe, this is going to be felt by our friends and neighbours.

“This will impact everyone and all sectors. I have asked the current Chair of the Council to hold a Special Meeting so that we can discuss the outcome and ensure Mid Ulster continues to move forward positively.”

And on the party’s opinion of the EU, he added: “Although Sinn Féin supported the remain vote in this referendum, as a Party we have constantly highlighted the need for reform in the EU.

“There is a real need to reinstall trust. The institutions must take on board the growing concerns of voters.”

A special meeting of Mid Ulster Council has been called for Thursday, but the agenda makes no reference to a discussion on Brexit.