Sinn Fein theory on memorials break law by glorification of terrorism

LORD Morrow has hit back at “dangerous and inaccurate” comments made by Sinn Fein in relation to illegal republican memorials, which he branded glorification of terrorism.

“The outburst by Bronwyn McGahan MLA demonstrates the mind-set of Sinn Fein and how little they have moved on. It is very dangerously worded and wholly inaccurate. She claims republicans have equal rights to commemorate their volunteers who died for Irish freedom.

“There is no such law, constitution or even understanding within the community to allow these republican shrines of massacre and maim. There is no such right to glorify terrorism or extol those who committed it.

“They are illegal, full stop.“I therefore query Sinn Fein’s commitment to a shared society, cultural understanding and the rule of law when they openly condone illegal monuments and murals, which however way try to spin it, are the blatant glorification of terrorism and incitement to hatred.

“Sinn Fein need to make up their mind - are they moving on or are they now stuck in a permanent time warp? Those who acted illegally cannot expect to have to have shrines erected and acknowledged. The sooner all these commemorations to terrorism are removed the better because then, at last, society can start to move on.

“The Justice Minister has confirmed the glorification of terrorism is a criminal offence, just as the Regional Development Minister has confirmed these shrines are illegal.

“To propagate republican murderers as heroes is delusional. They were nothing but a group of terrorists who set about a campaign of murder and destruction to fulfil a bloodlust against anyone who disagreed with their agenda. That sort of vile history should not be indoctrined into a new Northern Ireland, and those who wish to perpetuate such a legacy should hang their heads in shame. To glorify these terrorists is to glorify terrorism.

“Action needs to be urgently taken. No other civilised society would permit this law-breaking and incitement. If Sinn Fein want to be taken seriously they need to start practicing what they propagate, although I seriously doubt that will happen given their very obvious and vitriolic determination to cling to past horrors, whilst instructing everyone else to move on.

“This is double standards on so many levels.”