Speed limit to be reduced to 30mph across Eglish village

30mph speed limit sign
30mph speed limit sign

SDLP councillor Sharon Mc Aleer has welcomed TransportNI’s decision to reduce the speed limit to 30mph in the centre of Eglish village.

The new limit, which will come into force in spring 2016, will take in from the boundary of Barrett’s Concrete Yard to the Church building beyond Stiloga Road.

“There are already 30mph speed restrictions on the Stiloga road and Killyliss road that lead onto the main busy road,” councillor McAleer explained.

“In this area there are numerous housing developments, the local primary school, play school, church, chapel and shops and the speed of traffic on the main road has raised concerns.

“After contacting TransportNI they met with the PSNI to review the speed limit and agreed on a need for a reduction to 30mph in this area and that the outer approaches to the village remain at 40mph.

“TransportNI anticipate it will be early spring 2016 before this is carried out. I will continue to liaise with TransportNI until this is implemented.

“It is important that the speed limits are adhered to as the volume of traffic on our roads is increasing and so are the number of walkers and cyclists, we all have to adapt to change, reduce our speed and allow more time for journeys.”