St Ciaran’s students reach for peace

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Recently, a group of students from St. Ciaran’s College took part in the Global Youth Peace Summit in Girdswood Hub, Belfast.

Young people are not just the future, they are the present. Today almost half of the world’s population are under the age of 24. By offering young people a possibility to take part in shaping their own futures, young people can be at the front line of peace-building. Beyond Skin are the all-Ireland representatives and members of UNOY, a network of youth peace-building organisations worldwide.

Since 2012 UNOY members have been working intensively towards adoption of resolution 2250, now aiming to ensure actions are implemented.

As part of the global #youth4peace campaign Beyond Skin are embedding Resolution 2250 into our overall strategy and work with children and young people.

This includes the delivery of projects, lobbying, artistic interventions and outputs, advocacy and organising events.

Students of St Ciaran’s College were able to take part in a #youth4peace workshop as part of this programme, which involved exploring peace through music and art.

A spokesperson for the school said: “Our young people gave great energy to this workshop and some of our students even performed songs on the stage in front of the other schools.

“This was an amazing experience for the young people and St. Ciaran’s students hope to take part in more projects like this in the future.”

Find out more about the Global Youth Peace Summit online at