St Joseph’s win two awards at iLearn 2017

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Digital managers from St Joseph’s College, Coalisland attended iLearn 2017 at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast.

iLearn is the UK’s largest iPad teaching and learning event, hosted by iTeach. Latest developments in eLearning were showcased during various sessions and there was a special awards ceremony recognizing individual school’s efforts on improving use of iPad in the classroom.

iTeach recognised the progress made by St Joseph’s College so far and therefore awarded the school with; ‘iTeach Beacon award, eLearning content at KS3’. They highlighted the following areas of good practice; clear evidence of comprehensive eLearning materials on pupil iPads, shared vision of 1:1 iPad that has resulted in an increase in school enrolment figures, evidence of pupil engagement through a range of apps and social media.

eLearning is a clear focus for the SDP and PRSD, staff have embedded the use of iBooks as an effective learning tool and moving towards iTunes U as a vehicle for the enhancement of Learning and Teaching in the classroom

This award was presented to digital leaders during the iLearn event and were one of only three schools to receive this award.

Mrs Louise Kerr was given the only Silver Teacher Award for progress in Teaching and Learning using the iPad.

St Joseph’s College are leading with way using e-learning in the everyday classroom through their iPad initiative. This was introduced three years ago in order to empower pupils and teachers and raise standards across the whole school and to make their school innovative, visionary and a digital leader in the 21st Century.

Their aim was to provide an education which would demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments and in turn allow pupils to have an opportunity to enjoy exciting and dynamic learning experiences.

To promote students effort and talent in this digital generation St Joseph’s College established a team of ‘Digital leaders’. These young people are pivotal to the digital journey and development within the school. They provide support to their peers, staff on technical issues and day to day management of iPads.