Street-fighting in Dungannon sparks racist abuse and golliwog posts online

Screen grab from a clip of a street fight in Dungannon
Screen grab from a clip of a street fight in Dungannon

Video footage of organised street fights in Dungannon involving gangs of men have spurred a surge of racist abuse on social media.

Since the story was published in local and national newspapers, posts have appeared on Facebook directed towards some sections of the community.

The brawls, videos of which appeared on the internet over the past week, have been condemned by members of Dungannon’s foreign national community.

But other residents have since posted offensive statements online referring to the town as “Dunganistan”, followed by calls to “deport, not report” its foreign nationals.

In another post an image of a golliwog was shown with the comment “on the way to Dungannon, no doubt”.

UUP councillor Walter Cuddy said members of the East Timorese community living in the town were outraged by the organised brawls.

“There must have been some sort of domestic with them as I can’t see why they are organising these fights,” he said.

“I own a newsagents in the town centre and a number of the East Timor community have been in the shop in recent days and expressed their disgust at what happened.

“They like to keep themselves to themselves but are also very friendly people, and don’t give much hassle.

“That community has been living in Dungannon for quite a few years and are spread throughout the town, and also work in Moy Park.

“A lot of the kids go to the local schools. They are really annoyed this has happened and the publicity it has attracted.”