Street lights ‘burning day and night in Tamnamore’ near Dungannon

Lord Morrow
Lord Morrow

Lord Morrow MLA has questioned how the Roads Minister has warned of cuts to street lighting, when he claimed “Tamnamore has been illuminated day and night, non-stop for weeks.

He said: “Following the Minister’s recent announcement that street lighting may have to turned off due to reductions in his budget, residents of Tamnamore are confused if this is the case why has street lights over the past weeks has been burning day and night.

“Despite being informed, apparently no attempt has been made by DRD to have these street lights switched off during the hours of daylight.

“I have received calls from residents, who like me fail to understand Mr Kennedys logic. On one hand he laments the lack of funding to run services in his department yet on the other, in the Tamnamore area money is being squandered where street lighting is on 24/7”.

The DUP MLA continued, “I invite Mr Kennedy to come to Tamnamore and see for himself how his budget is being spent. Given this wastage, it is little wonder he is running out of money.”