Thanks for 50 years of helping the vulnerable

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A humanitarian aid charity has expressed its thanks to the people of Dungannon and Coalisland for their support last year.

That includes street collections in Dungannon on December 8 which raised £3,288, and £334 in Coalisland on December 1. £4,174 was also collected at church gates in Coalisland on December 1.

Concern Worldwide said its work with the most vulnerable people in some of the world’s toughest places over the past 50 years was only possible through the generosity of local supporters and volunteers who give their time and money “to make a lasting difference to communities faced with the most unimaginable hardships.

Peter Anderson, NI Director of Concern, said: “Last year, we supported tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees who fled violence in Myanmar and are now living in the vast Cox’s Bazar camp in Bangladesh. We have helped bring malnourished children – many of whom endured long and harrowing journeys – back from the brink with life-saving therapeutic food, while families who escaped with only the clothes on their back have received essential household items like sleeping mats, blankets and cooking utensils.

“In the world’s hungriest country – the Central African Republic – where more than half the population is undernourished, Concern is working to give hard-hit communities the skills, seeds and tools they need to grow their own food and help them work their way out of poverty.

“In Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, we are responding to help displaced Syrian families who have been left homeless and hungry as a consequence of almost nine years of war. We are providing emergency food supplies, clean water and places of shelter to make sure their basic human needs are met.

“The commitment of our supporters in Dungannon and Coalisland to our humanitarian work last year and over the past half a century is incredibly inspiring and I hope that they will continue to be a part of all that we do in 2019.”