The Square is best for Dungannon Pokestops

Pokemon are prowling the streets of Dungannon
Pokemon are prowling the streets of Dungannon

Pokemon Go Dungannon is a new local club on Facebook for fans of this summer’s biggest mobile video game craze which takes players outdoors.

With interest in the game soaring, club founder Simon Graham says his group has already attracted 21 members.

Pok�mon Go character Pikachu. INLT-29-718-con

Pok�mon Go character Pikachu. INLT-29-718-con

And he says the best place for “Pokestops” in Dungannon is in the Square.

“If the weather is decent, you will see a lot of people dandering up and down,” he explained. “It is quite social, not a competitive game. If a Pokemon appears, then everyone can catch it, not just one person. They are everywhere from Killyman to Belfast.

“It appeals to a wide range of age groups. It is good for kids, but they must play safely.

“Market Square is a good place to play because it is closed to traffic,” Simon added. “It is good to see kids playing computer games but outside. It is good to get out and get a bit of exercise as well.”

He noted that although players can take part individually, they can also share the game with others.

Pokemon Go is a free to play location based mobile game which enables players to capture virtual Pokemon characters in real locations.

Once you’ve travelled to the area where a Pokemon is hiding, you simply tap on the creature on the map and a phone camera renders it into the environment. Players must then catch the Pokemon by taking aim and throwing a Pokeball at it.

Once players have earned enough experience as a trainer, they can go to a nearby Pokemon Gym to battle and power up the Pokemon.

The NSPCC charity has warned there are risks to a child’s safety associated with the game and in response has issued a list of guidelines. To join the club, see Pokemon Go Dungannon Facebook page.