Third tragedy for Ferguson family in four months

THE harrowing death of Castlecaulfield road racer Trevor Ferguson was the third tragedy to befall his family in the last four months.

Trevor, a much loved father of three, was killed in a crash during a race at the Manx Grand Prix on the Isle of Man.

The 48-year-old business owner was described as a “popular person” from a respected family and “a great competitor” by the Rector of the Church where his family worshipped.

“The village of Castlecaulfield is in total sock as the news of Trevor’s death came through,” said Reverend David Brown of Castlecaulfield and Eglish Presbyterian Churches. “I drove through the village (that) night and there was a real sense of numbness.

“Trevor was such a popular person, always walking the dog through the village stopping and chatting to people, helping elderly neighbours out, the Ferguson family are all well liked.

“I buried Trevor’s mother in May past and the church was full such is their popularity.I feel so much for this family they are devastated and shocked.

“Alan, Trevor’s father who was over in the Island, has had the death of his wife in May, his sister in July and now his son. I spoke with Trevor’s sister and the family are finding it hard.

“Many are still in the Isle of Man and seeking to make their way home. Doris, and the children; Aimee, Jane and Danny are a very close family and did racing together, I can’t begin to imagine how they are feeling right now.

“I have followed motor bike racing for many years and I know the dangers, in fact I did the funeral of Andy Neil in July 2009 who was killed while racing in the South of Ireland, but I never thought this would happen to Trevor he was so steady and talented as a racer, a great competitor who simply enjoyed racing, meeting people in the paddock and helping others out.

“He looked forward to the couple of weeks at the Manx TT, he loved racing the island circuit and the family used it as a holiday. It is so sad that it has ended in tragedy and our prayers are with the family.”

Trevor’s funeral is expected to take place this week in Castlecaulfield.