Tina wins coveted Logo Competition for new Epilepsy Packs!

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Eight-year-old Tina Rafferty from Pomeroy has won a competition to design a logo for the Southern Health and Social Care Trust’s new Paediatric Epilepsy information packs.

The Trust Paediatric Epilepsy Team held a colouring competition to create a logo for the new packs and received numerous entries from paediatric epilepsy patients across the Trust.

The winner was announced at the Information Pack Launch on May 17.

The information packs are for parents and their children (aged 2-16) newly diagnosed with epilepsy.

They contain up-to-date information about epilepsy, diagnosis, treatment and also information about seizure management and epilepsy safety advice.

Dr Lesley-Ann Funston Consultant Paediatrician, said: “Epilepsy is a condition that affects all aspects of a child’s life and has an impact on their family also.

“In the paediatric epilepsy service we are seeking to improve the support that we offer to patients and their families and one way of doing this is to provide families with written information.

“We have been working as a team over the past year to develop new patient information packs that include information about the service, information about epilepsy, safety advice, support organisations amongst other things.

“Thank you to UCB pharma for sponsoring this project as well as our wonderful patients and their families for their involvement.

“But most importantly we want to thank our wonderful patients in the paediatric epilepsy service for their help and creativity in designing the packs.”

Moira King from UCB Pharma welcomed the scheme.

She said: “This was a brilliant initiative that has the ability to improve patients’ lives and was able to be funded by UCB Pharma Innovation Fund.

“A feedback questionnaire has been developed and included in the packs which will allow monitoring of the impact these will have, and will also let us make future improvements to the packs should they be required.”