Graphic image of mangled car posted on social media in plea to deter drink driving

The image of the mangled car posted on PSNI Facebook
The image of the mangled car posted on PSNI Facebook

A graphic photograph of the aftermath of a car crash has been posted on social media in a bid to deter motorists to engage in drink driving.

The image - posted on PSNI Facebook - is accompanied by an emotive poem.

It reads:

“How long before....

How long before another heartache

How long before the next one lands

How long before we all start listening

How long before this has to end.

Mid Ulster - this is a call to all

A call to end this driving shame

Call them out, make them hang their heads

Remind them that it’s them to blame.

What else can we do?

We catch these drivers day and daily.

We can’t be there each time,

They decide to run the gauntlet.

Help us haunt them, make it shameful,

Help us stop them causing pain.

How long before another road death

How long before another crash

How long before lives get altered

How long before....

How long before....”

It is signed off with: “A concerned Police Inspector”