Tuberculosis in cattle ‘a blight’ on farming community - Glasgow

A new consultation on tackling tuberculosis in cattle must not be allowed to become a talking shop, the Deputy Chairman of Mid Ulster Council has said.

Councillor Mark Glasgow said the spread of TB in cattle continues to blight many farming families across the district.

“Bovine tuberculosis is a blight on our local agricultural industry,” he said. “The discovery of what appears to be an infected animal is often a hammer-blow to the operation of any farm business. The entire herd is closed and even then the perfectly healthy cattle aren’t allowed to be moved on or sold at markets, instead only being permitted to be brought for slaughter. For too long farmers have had to endure the hardships of the disease. As a local representative I could see that there has been a growing sense of frustration from local farmers at what they rightly saw to be total inaction from a whole sequence of Agriculture Ministers at Stormont.

He said while department’s consultation is long-overdue, regrettably there is much contained within the proposals that should be of alarm.