TV show looking for Romeo and Juliet

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A new TV series is looking to talk to couples from Tyrone whose love goes against their parents or families wishes.

Are you in love with someone from a different religion or cultural background? Perhaps you are a Sikh in love with a Muslim or you come from a Jewish background and want to marry a Christian? Are you star-crossed lovers whose families just don’t want to be together?

If your family doesn’t like your partner and they don’t want you get engaged or married, then we’d like to hear your story.

This exciting TV series is looking at how British culture is changing through the love and relationships of our young couples.

If you are like Romeo and Juliet and your love is causing an issue with your family, then please contact us now and tell us more about your situation.

You can find out more at or you can email If you’d prefer to call phone 020 3701 7342.