Tyrone woman attacked police officers who were trying to help her

PSNI officer
PSNI officer

A woman who attacked police officers who had come to her aid has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Emma Pearson, 28, from Ashfield Gardens in Fintona, was in court to be sentenced for her part in an attack on three police officers on October 23.

“This was a case where police tried to restrain another and were kicked and battered,” said District Judge John Meehan.

“She jumped on a constable’s back, trying to free the co-accused.

“This was a very violent incident - one constable had to fall back in agony.

“This was a fully unrestrained attack ... on officers who were there for your safety.”

Mr Craig Patton, defending, told the court that his client “didn’t fully accept the facts” stating that it was her belief that police acted in a heavy handed manner.

“She was undergoing a period of particular stress,” Mr Patton said. “At the time of these offences she had stopped taking her medication and she admits that she had been drinking.

“She has serious issues with her mental health ... but presents as a lady with intelligence.

“She has taken steps to engage with services - she recognises her failings and has taken steps to address that.

“She is now in a stable relationship and is back on her medication,” he stated.

“She described the incident as a scuffle but this was in no way an attempt to minimise the incident.”

Deliberating over the sentence, District Judge John Meehan said: “The way in which a constable is trapped by you and others ... is very serious.

“A Probation Order is the proper sentence to find out what is behind this offending, but I don’t see why Probation should spend a year talking to you about a charge that you do not accept.”

Judge Meehan then handed down a prison sentence of three months imprisonment suspended for two years.