Tyrone woman recorded horror sex attack on mobile phone video

Dungannon Courthouse TT0509-JS112
Dungannon Courthouse TT0509-JS112

A County Tyrone father- of- three who forced his wife to have oral sex with him, has been jailed for two years, at Dungannon Crown Court.

His terrified wife managed to film the 20- minute ordeal on her mobile phone, the court heard.

The drink- fuelled offence happened at the family home in county Tyrone on May 7, 2014 and the man and his wife can’t be named for legal reasons.

The husband pleaded guilty to a charge of causing a person to engage in a sexual act against her will.

The man, who is in is 40s, was put on licence for a further three years, on his release by Judge Melody McReynolds.

Prosecution Counsel Mr Murphy said the defendant had attacked his wife and dragged and kicked his wife after entering the family home on the date in question.

The couple had been apart at the tine of the attack, the court heard.

He then performed a sexual act on her and forced her to perform a sexual act on him, without her consent.

His wife, who is in her 30s, was very traumatized by the demeaning attack on her, the court heard.

When later questioned by police, the man said he had no recollection of the event due to intoxication.

The man had 27 previous convictions that included assault, drugs offences and robbery.

The counsel said an aggravating factor was the violence used and the degradation of his wife.

The couple was now in the process of separating, the court heard. The victim had suffered post- traumatic stress and was not able to sleep.

Defence Counsel Jim Gallagher said his client was the father of three children and had a “coherent” relationship with his children.

The incident had happened in May but was not reported until September.

The wife had contacted police to say she did not want to give evidence in the case and that was understandable, the counsel said.

An early plea had ensured the case did not go to trial that was to the benefit of his client. Mr Gallagher said his client had undergone a programme for his substance abuse issues in Nottingham, twelve years previously, which showed that he was positive about his issues.

And he did not blame his wife in any way for what had occurred.

An enhanced period on licence would be in the defendant’s interests and would curtail the danger of re-offending. His client was also keen to get treatment for his drink and drugs issues, the court heard.

Judge Melody McReynolds noted the defendant had pleaded guilty to the offence last July. The judge said the husband knew his wife had recorded the very stressful event where he had performed a sex act on her and required her to perform a similar act on him.

Judge McReynolds said the defendant was under the influence of alcohol when he committee the act.

His last offence had been in 1999 and he had no previous convictions for sexual offences.

Judge McReynolds also noted the injured party had been emotionally confused as she sent two letter through her solicitor, asking to withdraw the charges.

The judge said this was understandable in the circumstances.

A report from a Dr Patterson said the wife had great difficulty in sleeping at night, was depressed and was also hyper vigilant.

She was also suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder that was understandable and was in a very difficult position in terms of the wider family relationships.

A report on the defendant from a Dr Browne said he had a major problem with substance abuse and had a dependent personality that would cope poorly with separation and loss.