Unkempt Shih-Tzu dogs dumped in Coalisland to get a hair transformation and (hopefully) a loving new home

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A pair of neglected Shih-Tzu dogs left abandoned in Coalisland with hair so overgrown they could barely see have been rescued by a Mid Ulster animal centre.

The two toy dog breed females were found by the local dog warden with matted hair, overgrown nails and in an unkempt state.

The breed, also known as the chrysanthemum dog, requires combing and brushing of its luxuriant coat every other day, as well as regular clipping.

Drumbonaway Kennels, which is looking after the adorable pair, have already booked them in for a full manicure, a complete shave and worming session on Friday evening.

The Mid Ulster dog warden has asked the public if they know the dogs’ owner. Anyone with information should contact the warden on 028 8773 8861.

If the owner doesn’t claim them, they will likely be rehomed on Saturday morning.

The animals’ plight has moved the hearts of local dog-lovers with droves taking to social media on Wednesday to express their love of the cute dogs and their interest in taking care of them.

They also criticised the original owners for allowing the pets to fall into such a dishevelled state.