UPDATE: ‘Pipe bomb’ found on car outside Coalisland church

St Mary and St Joseph's Church, Brackaville, Coalisland
St Mary and St Joseph's Church, Brackaville, Coalisland

A Coalisland councillor has told how a member of the public contacted her to report that a ‘pipe bomb’ had been located on top of a car in the carpark of a chapel in Brackaville earlier today, Wednesday.

The Sinn Fein Torrent representative said she understood the owner of the car had been tending to a family grave at the time of the discovery.

Police are currently at the scene of a security alert on the Brackaville Road and some residents of a nearby housing development have been evacuated.

St Joseph’s College, which is adjacent to the chapel, has also announced that it will be closed tomorrow because planned work at the school was disrupted by the security operation.

Speaking to the TIMES, Cllr Dillon said: “At this stage we have no way of knowing whether this is a viable device or a hoax but I was alerted to the discovery of a pipe bomb on top of a car this morning.

“I contacted the police at around 12 and they were out pretty quickly.

“The people who own the car don’t know of any reason for their car being targeted, the man who owns the car was visiting a grave.”

Cllr Dillon said pupils from a nearby school were also on their way to the church but were, thankfully, stopped before they arrived there earlier today and warned about the ongoing alert.

“Hopefully this turns out to be a hoax. To put people’s lives at risk like this is very scary. I have asked the police to keep in touch with me about this and anyone who has any information about what has happened should bring it to the police.”