Use health services in Mid Ulster and Tyrone wisely over Easter holidays

The Health and Social Care Board together with the Northern Trust, local GPs, pharmacists and dentists have been working to ensure that local people have access to urgent care services over the Easter holiday period.

“The following health and care arrangements will be in place should you or a member of your family become ill or have an accident,” said a spokesperson for the Health and Social Care Board

A”s part of the Choose Well campaign, we are encouraging everyone to “Think Where Choose Well”.

There are a range of healthcare services available to help you – dependent on your particular healthcare needs.

These range from self-care/pharmacy for minor ailments; GP services; Minor Injury Units and Emergency Services. “We would ask the public to assist us in ensuring Emergency Departments are used appropriately, and only for urgent conditions such as a suspected heart attack or stroke, serious head injury or serious accident. The Board has been working closely with local pharmacists to draw up holiday pharmacy rota. For more information