User Generated Content in Mid Ulster Mail and Tyrone Times


It would not be a normal week, without a complaint, that either the Mid Ulster Mail or Tyrone Times did not publish a story or a picture submitted by the public.

And I am not about to announce some kind of panacea, as space is always at a premium - Mid Ulster and Tyrone are busy places.

But what you should take note of, is our new Use Generated Content tool [UGC], we all love a new acronym.

The UGC is a button on our ever-evolving website, whereby you the reader can submit your stories, community notes, sports reports, videos and images directly into the Mid-Ulster Mail and Tyrone Times system.

It’s a very simple process, easier than shopping online I would argue.

In essence, it cuts out sending emails which I’ll be honest, saves us a bit of time here.

While we continue to unearth the stories which affect the lives of people here in Cookstown and Magherafelt, we also value the contribution of our readers.

The Mid Ulster Mail and Tyrne Times newspapers and our growing websites are about you.

And for you.