Vandals strike at Cornmill Coalisland in latest incident

One of the upturned flowerboxes beside the Cornmill in Coalisland.
One of the upturned flowerboxes beside the Cornmill in Coalisland.

Vandals have gone on a wrecking spree in the Cornmill area of Coalisland over the weekend, prompting a local councillor to issue some stark words of advice to the culprits: ‘Grow up and get a life!’

Flower boxes which were only recently refilled by Mid Ulster Council staff following a similar incident only weeks ago, were overturned in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Local Sinn Fein councillor Joe O’Neill, who had been contacted about that incident, was then furious to learn that the same thing took place during the early hours of today, Sunday.

Cllr O’Neill warned those responsible that their actions were not welcome.

“Thugs have been out causing damage again last night at the Cornmill”, he explained. “They overturned one of the flowerbeds again. I know there hasn’t been a lot of damage this time but the flowerbeds have been refilled with a range of lovely flowers from the council and this is not wanted in our town.

“I have been getting calls all morning from the good decent folk from Coalisland regarding this action once again in the town. If these scum bags don’t like the way the town is looking from the money that we secured for improvements it’s quite simple: stay out of Coalisland because they’re not welcome. So grow up and get a life that would be my advice to these hoods.”