Victims’ group slam ‘cowardly’ attack on councillor’s home

Cllr Sammy Brush pictured following an attack on his home.
Cllr Sammy Brush pictured following an attack on his home.

A VICTIM’S group has condemned the “unprovoked” and “cowardly” actions of those responsible for the latest attack on the home of Ballygawley DUP councillor, Sammy Brush.

The South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF), of which Cllr Brush is a member, described the incident as “the latest act in a concerted campaign” against him.

The organisation’s Director of Services, Kenny Donaldson, said: “The Foundation’s thoughts are with the Brush family and Sammy who it seems will not be allowed to live a life free from the sectarian hatreds of those who have nothing to offer to this Society.

“To attack a man’s home whilst people are in bed and particularly on God’s sacred day does not take courage. “Those who under the cover of darkness carried out the latest attack really need to reflect on their actions. “They will claim that they fight for the cause of bringing about a ‘United Ireland.’ It is up for others who espouse this same doctrine but who claim to be democrats to root out those within their midst who believe it is acceptable to carry out unprovoked, cowardly actions on those who refuse to be broken by despite incessant intimidation and threatening behaviours.

“Sammy Brush is a member of our organisation and we are all too well aware of the sacrifices paid by dozens of decent men and women across the Fermanagh and South Tyrone constituency who gave their lives defending all of our rights to live in a free Society where Liberty and Freedom are the principle foundation stones.

“The community was not broken in these areas despite 40 years of terrorist mayhem and what’s more - it won’t be now!”

Mr Donaldson was also critical of some elected representatives on Dungannon Council, adding:

“Unfortunately the messages radiating from Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council from some so-called ‘democratic representatives’ have not been helpful in recent weeks and just as some public representatives language had the effect of fuelling the fires of sectarianism in years past so too, has the absence of appropriate language from others in more recent times had the effect of providing cover for those who would wilfully carry out such attacks as that experienced by Cllr Sammy Brush.

“Violence is the road to no Town and those who use these tactics (just as others did previously) cannot and will not succeed in breaking our community.”