Video: Eglish Primary School battle not over yet

The battle to improve conditions at an overcrowded Eglish primary school is not over yet, its Principal has warned.

Pupils at Roan Primary School, which has been refused a new extension, are being taught in a dining hall because of overcrowded classrooms.

Roan Primary School

Roan Primary School

The ‘outstanding’ school is also being forced to teach children in a makeshift mobile classroom after its enrolment swelled by more than 50 percent from 83 pupils to 126.

Last week Sinn Fein MP Michelle Gildernew annouced that a new double mobile was being provided to the school.

However. Principal Seamus McCreesh, who is spearheading the campaign to get a new extension, warned that much more needed to be done.

“This is a small step forward, but it doesn’t solve the major issue that the maximum enrolment number for the school needs to be increased so that all the local children can attend their local school”

There are plans for another meeting of the school community to continue its campaign to have the school expanded to deal with the growing population in Eglish.

SDLP Fermanagh South Tyrone representative Councillor John Coyle said that the measures only amounted to a short term solution and was merely a pre-election giveaway.

He said: “While we must welcome any moves to increase the capacity of this vastly over oversubscribed school another mobile classroom is completely inadequate and acts as a token gesture to placate the staff, pupils and families who have been campaigning for suitable facilities for years.

“It is only now, on the eve of an election, that he decides to offer this flimsy solution and selects the local Sinn Fein candidate to make a surprise announcement without first discussing it with any of the affected parties, including the principal. The whole thing stinks of cheap electioneering.”