Video: Fake dog poo could stop fouling blight in Mid Ulster

An ingenious invention by a Cookstown man could help stop the curse of dog fouling across Mid Ulster and further afield.

After years of tweaking and trials, Collie Quinn believes his ‘fake dog poo’ could stop other dogs from going to the toilet on our streets.

Dog fouling

Dog fouling

“It is something I noticed about my own wee dog Charlie, anytime it sees another poo, it scampers away and doesn’t go to the toilet until it gets home,” said Collie.

“I have been trialling out the fake turds on some of the hotspots around Cookstown, like Oldtown Street and around the graveyard and it seems to be working.

“Once I had placed the fake poos, I sat in the car and watched how other dog reacted. They were clearly put off doing their business, in their normal spot.”

Collie also revealed that his device had been infused by some realistic odours.

Once I had placed the fake poos, I sat in the car and watched how other dog reacted

“Thankfully, the smell that I have put into the turds, can only be picked by dogs, otherwise there would be a big backlash from the public.”

He added: “It’s not that I want to stop dogs from answering nature’s call, it’s the owners who don’t scoop who are really to blame.

“Hopefully most people aren’t FOOLED into thinking it’s real.”

Video made by the Holy Trinity Eco Warriors as part of Cookstown Council’s LitterBug campaign.

The video is about the environmental hazard of dog fouling.

Happy April Fool’s Day from the staff at the Mid Ulster Mail and Tyrone Times