Video: ‘Flying birthday marquee’ in Cookstown causes traffic chaos and shuts down electricity

A marquee that was erected for Care Bear Creche’s 25th birthday celebrations has blown on to live electric wires on the Drum Road, shutting down electricity in the area and causing road chaos.

A member of staff at the creche told the Mail “a big gust of wind just came and blew it away”.

The ‘flying marquee’, landed on live electric wires and a metal fence in front of the creche.

Both firefighters and a Northern Ireland Electricity worker at the scene said they needed to be sure the wires were not live before attempting to take the marquee down, as it contains a number aluminium rods and there are fears someone could be electrocuted.

Mark Farquhar took to twitter posting an image of the drama, saying “Road closure on Drum Road Cookstown. Looks like a flying marquee!”

Flying marquee in Cookstown - Photo Mark Farquhar

Flying marquee in Cookstown - Photo Mark Farquhar