Video: Forget ‘Frostbit’, this is Foundered in Coalisland

The winter theatre season is not complete without a pantomime, and in no town is that truer than in Coalisland, where every year the standard rises to heights that are now making even the production team dizzy.

“People expect panto here every year,” said co-writer/director Sarah Jane Nugent.

Foundered in Coalisland

Foundered in Coalisland

“Since I’ve been here, pantos have just taken off completely and I’m even scared to think about what the next one will have to be.

“We probably put in four months of work including the developement, two and a half months with the kids,” of which there are around 300, she said.

This year Craic are showing their very own tribute to Frozen, featuring a mix of iconic songs alongside hits from the Disney movie sensation.

Aptly named Foundered, the show’s title was inspired by broken heating in co-writer and director Claire Quinn’s motor.

“Foundered came from my heat not working in the car and I was giving out saying that I was foundered,” she said.

“Frozen was an iconic film this year, and we thought - what could we do with it without actually doing Frozen?”

Sarah Jane added: “Here we take an iconic story and we make it our own, we put our own wee Craic spin on it.

“It’s all down to the kids as well - they have worked so hard and came in over Christmas and New Years... and it shows on stage. We would not be here without them.”

But, as we all know, any panto worth its salt would not be complete without a dame, and that’s were Seánan Cummings comes in.

“Nanny is the pantomime Dame,” he said, “and this is the fourth panto that I have been Nanny in - with the hips and all.

“As I’m a big Dolly Parton fan, she based on Dolly.”

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