Video: How is this Magherafelt barman not a superstar?

Blessed with a voice that has been likened to everyone from Adele to Justin Bieber, Magherafelt barman Niall Sexton really isn’t sharing his true talent with the world while pouring pints at Brysons.

With a famed stint on the X Factor already under his belt, as well as a viral hit for his involvement in a Melbourne couple’s engagement, the Mail asked the star-in-waiting just what’s next for his enviable pipes.

Magherafelt singer Niall Sexton in NYC

Magherafelt singer Niall Sexton in NYC

Just back from a rather profitable gig busking on the streets of one of Australia’s largest cities, Niall said he is hoping to get back out there - a task he is finding quite tough in his home country.

“I find it difficult here because a lot of bars are looking for Irish singers,” he explained.

More comfortable with pop and contemporary numbers, Niall said he finds it hard to get gigs - but with a little help, maybe we can get him the recognition he deserves.

When we first heard his cover of Adele’s famous Hello, we thought it was the woman herself, until the beard gave it away.

Having already racked up thousands of views on his Facebook and Youtube sites, the 21-year-old said: “I would like to be recognised. It’s hard to get myself out there.”

Supporting Neo on his tour in a packed out Liverpool Echo Arena, as well as singing to tens of thousands at Wembley have definitely given him a taste for the big time, but we could soon lose the young singer to the US or Australia as he goes off in search of his dream.