VIDEO: Killeeshil residents’ shock at rotting carcasses and skeletons

Dead sheep
Dead sheep

A farmer, who left rotting sheep carcasses on fields in the Killeeshil area has been ordered to remove them by officials from the Department of Agriculture.

The remains, which include ewes that were killed at the start of the week and the skeletons of other sheep, have lain decomposing in full view of a road and neighbour’s houses.

Residents say they and their children have been distressed by the sight of the dead animals, which are visible from a road leading to the local church and school.

According to farm experts, by failing to dispose of the animal carcasses, the farmer, who lets the land from a local landowner, risked sparking a serious outbreak of disease.

Several complaints were made to the local animal welfare office of the Department of Agriculture, whose vets ordered the farmer to dispose of the carcasses and bones.

“Children have been disturbed by the decomposing sheep, which surely should be a health hazard by now”. said a neighbour of the farmer.

“It’s not safe to walk a dog along that road because they might be excited by the smell of the animals. They’ve been there since the start of the week, and there’s no sign of them being moved. As well as that there are several skulls and a full backbone in clear view of the road. It’s a disgusting sight.

“There’s a river nearby which could be contaminated by the carcasses.”