Video: Mid Ulster entrepreneur invents answer to self-tanning woes

Mid Ulster tanning and beauty expert Katrina Arbuthnot is turning industry heads with her Tanndle design
Mid Ulster tanning and beauty expert Katrina Arbuthnot is turning industry heads with her Tanndle design

The Mid Ulster businesswoman who first introduced spray tanning and teeth whitening to NI has now come up with a design that could revolutionise the self tanning industry.

Named Tanndle, KA-toning owner Katrina Arbuthnot, told the Mail she had the idea years ago, and that after getting the ball rolling it took three years to develop.

The Tanndle

The Tanndle

Designed to work with self tanning mitts, the flexible and extendable device means self-tanners will no longer have to rely on their long-suffering other halves to apply tan in those hard to reach areas.

Her product, which has an international patent pending, has already caught the attention of multinational pharmaceutical companies and been supported in its development through grants from InvestNI, E-Synergy and two Technical Development Initiative (TDI) Awards, among others.

Now she needs £10,000 worth of orders by October 14 to have the invention made - so anyone who would like one, can pledge £10 to buy a Tanndle.

Only once Katrina reaches her target will you have to pay, but backers will have also helped her realise her dream through supporting the kickstarter campaign.

The busy mum-of-two has been working hard on the product development and launch, and since the big reveal just last week she told the Mail she has already got 100 interested buyers.

“I came up with the idea for The Tanndle™ because I’ve been self-tanning for years and know how hard it is to apply fake tan to your back,” she said.

“Once I had the idea, I carried out a lot of research and discovered there wasn’t anything you could buy that offered a solution. So, I decided that I’d provide the solution.

“The result is the Tanndle™ - a flexible tanning applicator with an extendable arm that uses your existing tanning mitt to apply fake tan. It’s fully hinged, so you can easily reach round to those tricky areas, and it’s suitable for everyone, no matter what age, shape or size.”

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