Video: Worries over illegal dump in Dungannon

A local environmentalist is calling on the relevant authorities to take action to eradicate an illegal dumping problem, which is causing an eyesore on the outskirts of Dungannon and close to the Ballygawley Road housing estate.

Tommy Conlon, a retired angling writer, is making the appeal after being contacted by some folk who are concerned about the problem, which is on the banks of a tributary river linking the Black Lough with the Park Lake.

Tommy Conlon, at the site of the illegal dump near the Ballygawley Road roundabout

Tommy Conlon, at the site of the illegal dump near the Ballygawley Road roundabout

As the picture shows, all kinds of rubbish - from grass cuttings, through waste food and old clothes to unwanted gas cylinders, have been discarded at the site, which is just opposite Murdoch’s builders suppliers yard close to the large Ballygawley Road roundabout.

“This has been a problem on and off for quite a while and, although one or two well-meaning individuals have taken the trouble to try to clean it up, it keeps recurring” explained Conlon.

“It really needs to be addressed properly and for once and for all by whichever of the authorities is charged to take responsibility with such matters.

“People may point the finger at some thoughtless people in the area. But, whether or not that is justified, others have been seen stopping in their vehicles and dumping stuff.

“The hazards of such behaviour are well chronicled and the tributary, which goes underground inches away before the river heads to the Park Lake.

“The authorities need to get their acts together and get it cleaned up and they need to fence the area off because, if they don’t do that, the problem is not going to go away” added the Lisnahull man.