Vigilance urged after reports of ‘suspicious behaviour’ in Dungannon carparks

Dungannon town centre
Dungannon town centre

Those using carparks in Dungannon are urged to be vigilant after reports of people checking for unlocked cars or approaching other motorists with claims of broken down vehicles.

Lord Morrow, DUP, said he has been contacted by a number of constituents left feeling uneasy after approaches on the same day in Perry Street and Anne Street.

“I have been contacted by a number of constituents who advise they have been either leaving or returning to their vehicle, in car parks when they were approached by persons seeking assistance,” he said.

“The most recent occurred in Perry Street car park on Friday afternoon (November 4).

“These incidents take the form of claims a vehicle is broken and pressing for assistance to look at the engine, thereby luring people from their own vehicles, possibly whilst unlocked.

“This is followed by a request to be given a lift urgently, or the use of a phone. “There is a degree of pressure and persistence in the approach and constituents advise this has been intimidating and frightening.”

Lord Morrow said he has also received reports of people checking car parks in the town for unlocked vehicles.

“I have contacted police on these incidents,” he added, “and will be raising the issue with Minister for Infrastructure with a view to an alert being issued to traffic attendants.

“In the meantime, I urge people to be vigilant. Sadly there are always those who take advantage of the good nature or vulnerability of others for their own, selfish gain.

“Darker evenings are an ideal cloak for such activity and with additional shopping pressures as Christmas approaches, we can become distracted and careless. If anyone notices anything suspicious or encounters similar behaviour, contact police at once.”