Vow to stamp out bonfire mayhem in Dungannon which saw teen yobs pouring into town and attacking police

Bonfire aftermath in Dungannon
Bonfire aftermath in Dungannon

Fears have mounted that an out of control bonfire celebration, which last year saw teenage revellers pouring into Dungannon from as far away as Coalisland and Cookstown, burning toxic material, endangering property and attacking police, will be repeated this Halloween.

Residents in Drumcoo Green have spoken out as preparations begin for a community bonfire, which they claim got out of hand last year and became a focus for mayhem and drunkenness due to social media.

Teenagers from across the district spilled into the White City area of the town, turning Drumcoo Green into ‘a party hub’, and burning tyres, household rubbish and other illegal waste.

According to residents, children had to be ushered indoors by anxious parents, and the toxic fumes from the unregulated fires lingered for days.

Concerned residents have organised a poll of households in Drumcoo to gauge opinions about the bonfire,

and found that the majority did not want a repeat of last year’s ‘debacle’.

“A request and adherence for respect towards the majority’s wishes is being made”, said a spokesperson for the campaign.

“Drumcoo Green is a residential area and not a party hub and we ask young people in other areas to respect that and to refrain from turning up for any party, as there won’t be one. We all know that none of the local children benefited from last year’s shenanigans.”

Residents have pleaded with teenagers not to build fires close to homes, property and trees.

And that the bonfires should be constructed with adult supervision and to a height that does not pose a danger to children.

“All the residents want is consideration and due regard for them, their homes, neighbourhood and environment.

“We all have the right to enjoy Halloween festivities but it can be done in a civilised manner where everyone has a good time. “