Warning to be vigilant after attempted theft in Washingbay


A Coalisland councillor has warned people to be vigilant after an attempt was made to steal a work van in the Washingbay area.

It is understood the incident took place some time on Saturday 1 August.

Cllr Joe O’Neill of Sinn Fein said: “I would ask for everyone to be vigilant in that area and especially for those who have work vans and even machinery, this seems to be the type of things that these thugs are targeting. They have no shame on stealing these items from hard working people and take their livelihood from good honest and hard working families, so I would ask that anyone who has seen anything suspicious on Saturday to come forward and talk to the appropriate authorities.

“Or even if the want to pass on any information to myself, so that we stop this gang of faceless criminals and put them where they belong.”