‘We Deserve Better’ event in Dungannon

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On Tuesday, August 28, at 7pm, Dungannon, like a host of others around Northern Ireland, will come together to send a collective message to the politicians in Stormont that ‘We deserve better!’

The organisers of the event, which is completely non-political, are ordinary people: mums and dads, school teachers, healthcare workers, volunteers and businesspeople and they’re appealing to the communities in Dungannon and surrounding areas to show their support.

Spokesperson Mairead Duffy appealed help with the Dungannon event: “If you can spare a few hours to help with leaflet drops in your neighbourhood, or to put up posters, or even to volunteer on the evening of August 28, we’d love to have you on board. We, the ordinary people, are stronger together. No doubt there will be those who say we won’t make a difference, but if we don’t try, we’ll never know if our collective voice was the one which finally made the Secretary of State and all the other powers-that-be sit up and take notice. Our children deserve better than an empty Stormont Executive. Our GP surgeries and hospitals deserve better than no working government. Our teachers, nurses, charity workers, parents, business and arts communities deserve better than this continuing stalemate. Please take this chance to make a difference. Follow the Dungannon #wedeservebetter page on Facebook and get in touch with the organisers. We are stronger together!”