Weather warning for heavy rain in Tyrone

Heavy rain
Heavy rain

A Yellow warning is inplace for heavy rain across Tyrone and most parts of Northern Ireland on Wednesday.

According to the Met Office, there will be outbreaks of rain, heavy at times.

“Heavy bursts of rain further west with the risk of the odd rumble of thunder. Very windy around Irish Sea coasts. Maximum Temperature 17°C.”

Thursday they say will be, “mainly dry with bright and sunny spells, although the odd shower is possible, mainly later in the afternoon. Winds light from the west or southwest. Maximum Temperature 19°C”.

The Met Office says that this year saw the coldest July since 1993, with temperatures averaging 13.4C.

The many people who shivered at the rain and cold in recent weeks will not be surprised to hear the official statistics.

Heavy rain

Heavy rain

A Met Office spokeswoman said the mean temperature in July 1993 was 13.2C.

By contrast, 2015 was only slightly warmer, at 13.4C.

There was also above expected rainfall, 137 per cent of the average, with 110.4mm.

But the woes did not end there, with below normal sunshine, only 80 per cent of the average – 112 hours.

The Met Office says that this year saw the coldest July since 1993, with temperatures averaging 13.4C

The Met Office spokeswoman explained the cause.

“The jet stream, which is a fast-moving ribbon of air high in the atmosphere, was a little further south than normal,” she said. “In the summer, it often moves to the north of the UK, meaning the UK is on the warm side of the jet. This July, it was often moving across the northern half of the UK, acting like a conveyor belt, bringing low pressure systems and therefore more unsettled weather.”

This year’s July began with record high temperatures, but by the end of the month the UK was shivering as the mercury plummeted to below freezing.

The first day of the month saw the highest July temperature ever recorded with 36.7C (98F) at Heathrow in west London, according to the Met Office.

Urgent health warnings were issued as paramedics dealt with a surge in calls amid fears the hot weather could result in deaths. The previous record high of 36.5C (98F) was set in 2006 in Wisley, Surrey.

But although this year’s July began with sweltering conditions, the last day of the month saw a number of weather stations across the UK register their lowest July temperatures.