Woman caught drink driving in Cookstown

Drink driving charge
Drink driving charge

A woman who was detected drink driving in Cookstown has been banned from the road for a year.

The court heard how police received a report of a car parked on the Drum Road. When they arrived they noted that there were two females standing alongside the stationary vehicle.

One, Rachel McCauley, 22, from Sunningdale in Omagh, told police that she was the driver and had been drinking the night before.

She said that she had been driving home when she collided with the kerb.

Her solicitor told the court that it had been a “case of ‘the morning after the night before’”.

He said she had believed she had hit a pothole before realising that she had struck the kerb.

District Judge John Meehan handed down a fine of £100 before banning Ms McCauley from driving for a year. He said that upon successful completion of the drink driver’s course, he would allow a 25 per cent reduction in the ban.