Zebra crossing move suggested for Straw

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Sinn Féin Mid Ulster MLA Emma Sheerin has requested a safe road crossing in the village of Straw, and has held a site meeting with Department for Infrastructure Roads officials.

Speaking following the meeting, she referred to the significant need for a safe point of crossing in Straw, a thriving little settlement not far from Draperstown. “This area has two primary schools, a church, a car wash, a clothes boutique, several housing developments and a garage,” she said.

“There is a cultural group, Glor Na Speirini, based at the Gaelscoil Na Speirini site, which adds significantly to the daily activity, with youth groups, mother and toddler groups and recreational activities happening every day. Added to this you have masses and other services taking place in the school, meaning that there is an almost constant but irregular flow of pedestrian traffic between this building and the car park across the road. Due to the proximity of a local quarry, there is also a constant flow of lorries up and down this road, making crossing it with small children a hazardous task, and there is genuine fear on behalf of parents and teachers alike that a child will be injured. I have communicated these concerns to the DfI officials, who understand the issues and have committed to carrying out a traffic assessment at the site, with a view to installing a light controlled zebra crossing if the area meets the traffic threshold.”