Angling: 1,000 brown trout stocked into Brantry Lough

Four nice brown trout caught by Eamon Toner in Brantry Lough
Four nice brown trout caught by Eamon Toner in Brantry Lough

So, how do you really solve the case of very poor fishing on Brantry Lake?

In the opening week, there were over twenty anglers on the lake. I rang the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure the next morning and read them the riot act, as did others, about the poor fishing.

My words were heeded as the lake was stocked with 1,000 brown trout - yes, 1,000! Since no anglers knew about the stocking, I only saw six anglers when I visited.

When trout are stocked from fish farms, the best advice is that it’s best to wait until the second day. That was proved right the next Tuesday when there was a buzz on the lake.

Sadly, after the first poor week, only a few anglers were interested and, as K said, they were catching some good brown trout. Any fly or lure would have caught a fish.

And my good friend, Jim McMenemy from Springdale, has his four fish in no time, as did Conor Toner from Lurgan.

I had a good chat with Eamon Toner from Armagh about the Brantry and he said it’s the best trout fishery in the province.

I have said the same and that is why I met officials on two occasions, this and last year.

Even if the anglers don’t catch fish again, at least they know the fish are there.

But the roach problem has to be sorted out in the short term, and that will start this November when the fishing season is over.

And there’s more good news; Whitelough near Aughnacloy was stocked with rainbow trout last Thursday and, as the weather is getting better, there is a chance that fishing will be good.

I will find out pretty soon as I will be fishing it.

I understand that a new angling club has been formed on the River Blackwater, both above and below Benburb.

This has got to be good news. Last year I saw bank works being carried out at Benburb and I can tell you that they appear to be very impressive. Finally, I am hearing some talk that Seagahan Dam has now gone back to Armagh Angling Club, but I will await for the official confirmation.