Gortgonis men spring huge shock on the title favourites

Philip Gribben and Eddie McKenna, Max Keady
Philip Gribben and Eddie McKenna, Max Keady

The longstanding McKees partnership of Owen McKee and Colm Kelly haven’t made many headlines in the East Tyrone Seniors League this season, but they decided the destiny of the Division One title in their last match.

They were long since out of the running when they headed to the deep south of Armagh to take on joint leaders Max Keady B, who were also hosting the match between their title-contending A team and Mitchells A.

The A team of Philip Gribben and Eddie McKenna had to work hard to get the better of the Cookstown pairing of Conor Gillespie and Frank Loughran 3-2, but the more experienced duo of Joe Shortt and John Maguire suffered a disastrous 5-0 hammering, which left them only in the runners-up berth.

The fact that four of the five frames against McKee and Kelly ended on the pink and the other on black will be little consolation to a team which started favourites to be crowned champions.