Snooker: McKee A get big win but Max Keady A go top


Max Keady A had to work hard for their win over defending league champions but the important thing is that they got there in the end and go into the festive break with a two points advantage at the top of the table.

Philip Gribben lost his opener to a sparkling 61 break by Ciaran Kelly and then he and Eddie McKenna nudged ahead only after winning three very tight frames, leaving the doubles game a crucial one. For Gervins it was a must-win tie and they deservedly took it with a bit to spare.

Max Keady B share second spot with McKees B, the south Armagh visitors having to fight back after forfeiting the first two points to Stephen Campbell and John Hagan, Joe Shortt then hitting a 51 breal to beat John Hagan and John Maguire defeating Stevie Campbell before combining to add the extra point in the pairs tie.

Having lost 5-0 to their B team stable-mates on the opening night of the action, McKees A needed a big result to have a chance of forcing their way back into the title fight and they got it away to the unpredictable Mitchells A partnership.

It was a pretty straightforeard win for Owen McKee and Colm Kelly, the only sweat coming as Loughran threaded a 30 break only to see Kelly hit a 31 to win a balck ball tussle.

The Mitchells INF team maintained their fine run of form with a splendid and convincing 4-1 win at home to struggling Gervins B.

Ryan Starkey was the man in form , outpointing Joe Gervin by 45 points, then crafting a break of 31 to beat Pearse Kelly and bettering that with a 34 in the doubles game, the only frame lost being a highscoring one in which Gervin defeated Gary McNeill.

That leaves the two Dungannon cuemen two points clear of McVeighs A after they slumped to a 3-2 loss in the game postponed from the previous week.

All four players won a frame before the outcome rested on the concluding doubles tie and it went to the home side, whop had sportingly declined to exercise their right to claim the match when their opponents had been guilty of a fixtures blunder, so fair play to Joe Gervins and Pearse Kelly for facilitating Danny McVeigh and John McArdle, who would almost inevitably have done likewise.

Seniors Division One

Mitchells 0-5 McKees A

F Loughran 27-48 O McKee

S Mitchell 24-80 C Kelly

F Loughran 69(30)-72(31) C Kelly

S Mitchell 30-73 O McKee

SM-FL 32-62 CK-OMK

McKees B 2-3 Max Keady B

S Campbell 70-40 J Shortt

J Hagan 81-25 J Maguire

S Campbell 40-66 J Maguire

J Hagan 10-75(51) J Shortt

SC-JH 38-84 JM-JS

Gervins A 2-3 Max Keady A

C Kelly 88(61)-42 P Gribben

A McGuckin 52-63 E McKenna

C Kelly 40-52 E McKenna

A McGuckin 66-67 P Gribben


Seniors Division Two

Mitchells INF 4-1 Gervins B

G McNeill 67-15 P Kelly

R Starkey 71-26 J Gervin

R Starkey 84(31)-11 P Kelly

G McNeill 68-86 J Gervin

RS-GMN 86(34)-16 JG-PK

Gervins B 3-2 McVeighs A

P Kelly 59-51 J McArdle

J Gervin 27-65 D McVeigh

P Kelly 44-33 D McVeigh

J Gervin 63-45 J McArdle


Max Keady C v McVeighs B

Match postponed

Division One Table

Max Keady A - 10

Max Keady B - 8

McKees B - 8

Gervins A - 7

McKees A - 7

Mitchells A - 5

Division Two Table

Mitchells INF - 13

McVeighs A -11

Max Keady C - 5

McVeighs B - 5

Gervins B - 5

Mitchells B

Wednesday 7th January fixtures-

Division One: Max Keady B v Gervins A; Max Keady A v McKees A; McKees B v Mitchells A;

Division Two: McVeighs A v Max Keady C; McVeighs B v Mitchells INF; Mitchells B v Gervins B.