Quinn keeps the top spot

Mickey Quinn
Mickey Quinn

The Cookstown Snooker League is boiling over and Gerald McAuley, who may be considered as a slow starter, got his campaign under way with the last outstanding match, against John Halferty.

Breaks were few and his objective was to win at all cost and with his organised style of play it was only a matter of time before both frames were secur.

Peter Reilly stepped up to the mark with a dazzling display to win his opening two frames against young Fergal Quinn.

Paul Currie is probably one of the most reliable players on the circuit and over two frames you need to keep a level head especially when you play McAuley. Both frames were cat and mouse with Paul taking the first with a 35 break and Gerald retaliated with a break of 32 to share the points.

Young Quinn is making a name for himself and against McAuley he won the first which was an excellent scalp. The second was completely different as Gerald really did impress with a 44 break to take the frame.

The snooker in Pot Black was unbelievable, Reilly was on a roll as he was hungry for points and his game plan worked as he beat Paul Currie 2-0.

Next to play in this round-robin competition was Fergal Quinn who had his first half century, well a brilliant 64 break to claim the first against Currie. The second was close with Paul ahead with the colours up for grabs. It was wide open until Paul left Fergal requiring a snooker with only the pink and black left.

McAuley’s final match in this league format was against Reilly and after two very close frames, a frame each was declared. With all players involved keeping a close eye on the league table the remaining matches in Mitchells Club.

Mickey Quinn, ABOVE, who won this tournament last year played Joe Loughran. Mickey took both frames with a 46 break in the second and young Joe tired hard but against such a top player you can’t afford to make any mistakes. With this being the last night of the league programme Paul McGuckin was dragging his heels as Halferty took a good lead via a 38 break.

This frame was far from over as Paul stepped up a gear into over drive with a 67 break. Paul then took the second to officially book his place into the knock-out stage of this Individual league. Mickey Quinn for some unknown reason lost his way, meaning that Halferty took complete control to win both.

Anything can happen on the night and with snooker being a cruel game, McGuckin was happily to share a frame with Joe Loughran with no breaks recorded.

The final match brought together Quinn and McGuckin, on paper the contest of the night; but alas it wasn’t to be.

Mickey was what you would call a ‘fish out of water’ as he just couldn’t get to grips with table 3 which was running out of a bit. MickEy was struggling but he dug deep to claim a frame which kept him sitting top by one point.

The semi-finals and final will be played in Pot Black snooker complex and full details will be published.

The Cookstown Open Individual will be commencing directly after the Cookstown Individual league.

Anyone wishing to take part must contact the league co-ordinator Tommy McCrea- 07759 767271 ASAP.




M Quinn 24 17

P McGuckin 24 16

G McAuley 24 14

P Currie 24 13

P Reilly 24 13

F Quinn 24 8

J Loughran 24 8

J Hafferty 24 7


P McGuckin 67

F Quinn 64

M Quinn 46

G McAuley 44