Tug of war competition at Benburb a major success

The hosting Leo`s boys team from Benburb
The hosting Leo`s boys team from Benburb

The seventh annual international tug of war competition took place at Benburb last weekend and was once more hailed a terrific success.

Teams present were, the host club from Benburb, Leo’s Boys, G & B Leitrim, Burran Clare, Rahanna Midlands, Rockies Cavan, Garvagh Derry, Bancran Derry.

The special guests included Alan Jones from the Llanfydd club in Wales and Steve and Karen Gardner from the Holland club in England.

And the weight classes were 620kilos, mixed 6-a-side (three men, three women ) and 680kilos.

First up was the 620k class with two sections of four teams each and the top two going through to semi-finals.

On this occasion after some very hard fought competition the teams emerging were G & B v Rahanna, both pulling with seven men; but the G & B boys were too strong.

In the other semi European champions, Bancran faced Burran and, to everyone’s surprise, the Burran won through to the final. Although both weighed the same it was 7 v 8 in the final and it was only after three hard-fought ends that the 7 man B & G emerged the winners of the 620k class.

Next came the mixed 6 -a-side competition and only 3 teams in this but the final was between Garvagh and Rockies, and Rockies being the stronger and gold medallists.

The last weight was the 680k and, with seven teams entered,top four emerging as G & B v Burran and Bancran v Rahanna. Both G & B and Bancran would meet in the final.

Bancran are current European champions at 560k and winners of both weights at this competition last year and came with a big reputation.

G & B had a training camp in Switzerland with the Engleburg club and are unbeaten this year to date. The final was hard fought to a point but by far the superior team was G & B and they won this weight by two straight pulls.

On conclusion of the competition Leo Collins presented the medals to the winners and runner-ups.

And organiser Patrick Kernan thanked the clubs for their support, as well as expressing their gratitude to the Mid Ulster Council for again assisting the competition, Jim Burns, Billy Geary, William Montgomery who were all judges for the various competitions, and also Karen and Steve Gardner who filled the roles of scorekeeper and announcer.